Sunday, June 22, 2008

The time for the 'Audacity of Truth' is Now

Important Message from Jesse Johnson 08 Campaign

In today's political climate, given that it's an election year, how often are you asked to contribute to candidates that only marginally represent you?

How many times do you give your support or your money to a candidate promising "change" or "hope", knowing that the check you are about to write will, for the most part, only secure the status quo and marginally impact the things that really matter?

How many times have you wished for a candidate who wouldn't have so many downsides...whom you could trust once they got elected...who wouldn't have an aftertaste?

Very often, we'd suspect.

And when - now really think about it - when will that all change? We mean really change?
We're happy to say that the answer to the question is right now.

We represent Jesse Johnson for President. Jesse shares your ideals. He's for protecting our precious natural resources. He's been walking the walk, and talking the talk, speaking to citizens and lobbying lawmakers in the Capitol of his beloved West Virginia. He's against the war - not just this one, but the next ones being planned as well. Jesse stands for education and single-payer health care for all Americans, and against big pharmaceutical companies and the un-constitutional Patriot Act - and he won't tolerate Americans using torture. He shares your values, and he's willing to risk everything to fight for them.

The list of our common commitments and goals goes on and on. Know that Jesse is serious about his commitment to real change in our country - because he refuses to accept corporate contributions. He doesn't accept the PAC money of Washington insiders. And consequently, he won't need to be lobbied to do the right thing. He is spreading his message - our message - across this country during his campaign to be the Green Party's Presidential candidate for 2008.

But to do this, he'll need the support of real people - average Americans like you and me...because all the money we collect has a name attached to it.

And while we can't all be CEOs or celebrities, we can all be a part of this campaign. We can all be part of spreading the messages we share in common, and we can all start today.

Please become an active partner in spreading not only Jesse's vision for a better tomorrow, but also your vision. This is a shared vision, a real mandate for change that comes from the people - and it starts with you - today.

You can give any amount, $10 up to $2,300. Or you can offer us some good old-fashioned American elbow grease, to work for the campaign and help us reach as many people with the Green message as we can. But please, give all that you can...and know that we will give back once in office.

To donate, go to and click the "donate" tab, or simply click here. You can make a secure online donation using Paypal or you can send a check, along with your name and address, to:

Committee to Elect Jesse Johnson
PO Box 893
Charleston, WV 25323

Thanks for your support!

In solidarity,

Committee to Elect Jesse Johnson

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