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kat swift on the Issues

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kat swift on the Issues

Short Takes

Capital Punishment - Blatant disregard for life especially in our unjust
legal system? also more expensive than life in prison or a college

Global Warming - Yes it would likely happen even without us pesky humans,
but that doesn?t mean we need not address our blatant disregard for the
commons out of immediate greed gratification.

Marijuana Legalization - If a doctor can proscribe a synthetic version of
Marijuana to patients for a variety of ailments, then why is the herb
illegal? It?s a plant people, it is proven to not kill you and is less
addictive than caffeine, sugar, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, etc. Granted i
don?t want the cigarette companies making a fortune off of marijuana so
maybe decriminalization a la Switzerland and Netherlands is a better idea

Right to Die - Everyone is going to die, some say we all choose when. What
right do we have to stop someone from dying?

School Prayer - If you want to pray at school, fine. If not, fine. No one
should be forced to do something they personally don?t believe in. Freedom
of religion is also freedom from religion.

Abortion - A choice no one likes to make and would be better off having
been educated about sex and sexuality before pregnancy became an option as
well as being provided with access to birth control.

Cuba - I?ve always wanted to go. With the cold war over, why do we
continue to have an embargo against Cuba? They aren?t doing anything that
China doesn?t do to its citizens and we love China so much we gave them
permanent trade relations!

Education - Seriously lacking except to create mindless drones who will
work for slave wages because they want to eat and not live on the street
holding a fantasy that they can work their way up the class ladder? IT

Flag Burning - If it belongs to the person burning it, then so what? No
theft or destruction of another?s property is involved. Nationalism breeds
hatred and violence.

Separation of Church and State - If the church and state practiced what
they preached this would be a non-issue.

Taxes - Eliminate regressive taxation, institute a peace tax also known as
religious freedom tax, require corporations to pay their fair share of
income tax, create a progressive income tax with a minimum based on a
living wage. If you make less than a living wage, you pay no tax, if you
make $2 million a year, you pay a larger percentage of your income than
someone making $50k/yr.

Welfare - End Corporate welfare today!

United Nations - It might work too if Eleanor Roosevelt was still alive
and whipping those boys into shape!

Electoral College - In its present form, outdated and unconstitutional. If
we bound them to vote for the publics choices in proportion to the popular
vote as spelled out in Article XIV Section 2 of the constitution, it might
be okay.

Foreign Policy - Build trust that has not occurred in my lifetime with
other countries and work to raise the quality of life of all humans on the
planet? clean water and air for all!

Free Trade - People over profits; Fair Trade not Free Trade!

Gay Rights - Gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersexual, and trans gendered
rights - if one class of people has rights that another class of people do
not, we are not a just society. It used to be your skin color, gender,
ethnicity, property ownership, etc. Sexual orientation and gender identity
are a class of people still without equal access to government benefits
and privileges because those in power deem them immoral, unworthy, etc.
They used to say that black people were not human, women weren?t capable
of the responsibility of voting, and neither were polish, irish, italian,
etc., or men who didn?t own property.

Gun Control - The purpose of the bill of rights article was to prevent the
government from being able to establish military might over the citizenry
in order to overthrow a duly elected government. Now the government has
nukes and what all else, there is not much we citizens can do in this
regard any longer. we can stop providing guns to dictators and
governments. And I still don?t think someone needs a machine gun to hunt
with? come on, what kind of hunting are you doing? Not the kind to get
sustenance for your family with regard to the life you are taking.

Illegal Immigration - Address the why: Why are people risking their lives
to come here illegally? See globalization and free trade. If you want to
militarize the border with Mexico only, start thinking about how you would
feel if you had little choice but to leave your family and go to Canada in
order to get a job so you could feed your kids. Would you want to go?
Would you do whatever it took? Would you wish daily that you could just go
back and live a comfortable life in your home country? Likely.

Minimum Wage - Living wage! []


Address abuses and violence against women and children, including
trafficking, sexual, emotional and physical abuse.

True Democracy - Give us: proportional representation in the electoral
college as ratified in the US Constitution Article XIV Section 2; unbiased
and independent media; Net Neutrality.

Ending the war on drugs, corporate control of government and classism.

Voting machines owned by the people not some company who refuses to give
data to the public - computers are not infallible, let us have a paper
receipt to recount and open source software!

Having the option of voting for ?none of the above? in every election

Affordable single payer healthcare with a drug plan that is easy to use

Raising the minimum wage to a livable wage

IRV and Proportional voting methods and redistricting reform

Iraq/Iran aka Colonial style War & Invasion

A Peace Tax Fund and Department of Peace cabinet position; Why should we
pay for wars we are morally opposed to when that money can go for
infrastructure (levees), education, health care, protecting the
environment, etc.

Moratorium on Death Penalty

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