Sunday, June 01, 2008

Help States achieve Ballot Access

Summer is here and its time to hit the streets to get the Green Party on the ballot! Now is the time to gather signatures and dollars to help our ballot access efforts.

Virginia is working hard. They need to collect 10,000 signatures by August 22 and they have about half in hand. Check out to download petitions, get in touch with the petition drive coordinators, and HELP THE Green Party of Virginia achieve Ballot Access.

The Ballot Access Committee continues to try and raise funds to make more grants to Virginia and other states. Greens can make on-line donations at You can also find a volunteer link to help with your State's petition drive or a neighboring state. The Green Party relies on word of mouth advertising so please use the "Spread the Word" link on the same page.

Other states currently petitioning include:

Pennsylvania (25,000 signatures needed by August 1)
Iowa (1,500 signatures needed by August 15)
New Jersey (800 signatures needed by July 28)

We need as much help as possible in the following states:

Ohio (5,000 signatures needed by August 21)
Kansas (17,000 signatures needed by August 4)
Kentucky (5,000 signatures needed by September 2)
New York (15,000 signatures between July 8 - August 19)

If you can contribute anything - any thing at all - to these state petition drives please contact the Ballot Access Committee co-chairs: Brian Bittner (brian at brianbittner dot org) or Phil Huckelberry (phil dot huckelberry at gmail dot com)

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