Sunday, April 20, 2008

Science Debate 2008 - candidates shut out and we make our own

Posted by Kat Swift in April 8th, 2008

so there was this group who wanted presidential candidates to come to the Science Debate 2008, at least three Green Party candidates, said we’d be there.

Then the exclusion came when a specific poll was used as one of the criteria - when have you ever seen a green candidate in a mainstream poll?

So off we were to protest our exclusion and guess what? the mainstream three candidates who were allowed in the debate blew them off! No debate.

They could have had a debate with at least three candidates and probably more.

so we’re still going to Philidelphia on April 18th:

Delaware County, PA Green Party and Democracy Unplugged present
A Third Party candidates Forum on Friday, April 18th at 7:30
at Swarthmore Borough Hall 121 Park Avenue
(first floor Council room)

green shirts and white electrical taped mouths….why won’t the “top three” answer the questions:

Faith discussion is more important it seems….what about faith that your president is willing to be challenged on matters of national security vis a vis science and technology and other hot topics of the century?

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