Sunday, April 13, 2008

Global Greens Congress in São Paulo, Brazil, May 1st-4th 2008

86 different national Green Parties from all over the world are meeting in São Paulo, Brazil, for the 2008 Global Greens Congress, next month to discuss international strategic planning and build unity among Green office holders and Green Parties.

U.S. Greens know we're part of the only political alliance in the world today, whose values and global organization can possibly match the international scope of problems we confront.

In truth, Greens are the world's best hope for a survivable, sustainable and peaceful future. Greens in the U.S. are proud to be part of this powerful global movement.

expected results
• Globally, we aim to draw strategies to overcome the climate crisis, considering a post-Kyoto Protocol world and the sceneries that the Greens will have to face.

• We want to identify the actions directed to commercial trade between countries, considering the globalized economy, the international law and the development of technological alternatives, seeking joint initiatives that must be taken by Green Parties and Social-Environmental Movements.

• Nationally, regionally and locally, we expect to establish specific demands that, through Green politics, can be included in the agendas of our present and future governs.

The Global Greens seeks to:

* promote the Global Green Charter among the Green Parties of the world, as well as kindred groups and society at-large;

* stimulate and facilitate action on matters of global consequence; and

* deepen communication among Green Parties and Federations everywhere


Jason Nabewaniec said...

Dear Green friends,

In 17 days, representatives from more than 65 national Green parties
will gather in Brazil.

The conference is extraordinary because we are going to come up with a
global Green campaign to halt the climate crisis.

You can help us participate by making a contribution at

Julia Willebrand of NY, Mike Feinstein of CA and I are the three
delegates representing our party. Our three alternates are John
Rensenbrink of ME, Justine McCabe of CT and Bahram Zandi of MD. Many
other US Greens will be joining us there too.

We are paying for our airfare. We are paying for our food and hotel
rooms. We need your help to fund our registration fees. It is $285
per person!

Give today at

Don't hesitate.

Every dollar you give counts.

Marnie Glickman
Pacific Green Party of Oregon

P.S. Please circulate this note to your state and local listservs.

Anonymous said...

Partido Alternativa Verde del Perú was in this conference in Sao Paulo.
Alex Gonzales and Flor de Maria Hurtado were the delegates that represented our party.
Congratulations for all the Green Parties araound the world.