Sunday, April 13, 2008

Arizona Green Party Gains Ballot Access!

"Individuals and State Green Parties from all around the nation should be proud of their united effort to gain ballot access in Arizona. This effort represents the good aspects of the Green Party and what we can do when we work together" said Richard Scott, Co-coordinator Arizona Ballot Access Drive. "Working together for change is refreshing and Arizona petitioners have had their spirits buoyed by this incredible flow of financial and on-the-ground help."

There have been numerous guest from out of State helping in both Tucson and Phoenix. Charlie Howe from Carbondale, IL helped in the Phoenix area for a week and assisted with gathering of over 1000 signatures. There have been many more volunteers including Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. 9 people helped over the last weekend and together assisted in the gathering of over 1000 signatures in the Phoenix area. Craig Thorsen decided to stay and help for another week and others have volunteered to travel to Arizona to help in the final week of effort. Tucson has had 4 volunteers including Kevin O'Connor who has assisted for a week and helped increase Tucson numbers by 2000.

The National Ballot Access Committee helped the effort in Arizona by donating $5000. The early donation helped motivate efforts to seek matching funds. Arizona did a mail solicitation not only for funds but included blank petitions which are now being returned partially or totally filled. Then Greg Jan stepped up to help by setting a goal and motivating all to help Arizona reach the goal. The goal was reached by February 26th. "I can't thank everyone enough," said Scott, "Arizona would never have made it on its own".

Arizona's requirement is for 20,449 good signatures and the Green Party submitted over 35,000 signatures.

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