Thursday, March 06, 2008

David Doonan for Mayor of Greenwich, NY

David Doonan is a 54 year old Web Designer. Prior to going into business for himself in August of 2001, he spent 20 years working in offset printing in Michigan, New Jersey and Saratoga Springs.

He is a member of the Village Zoning Board of Appeals, sits on the Board of Directors of the Greater Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, is a founding member of Battenkill-BNI Referrals and is a former Board member at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs. He is also a member of the Communications and Computer Workers Industrial Union 560, Industrial Workers of the World.

A 1977 graduate of The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, David is a contributing writer & photographer for Main Street. David and his wife of 25 years, Judy, have two boys; Andrew a third year student at the Berklee College of Music and Daniel, a junior at Greenwich High.

A long time activist for peace and social justice issues, he is a national staff employee of the Green Party of the United States, serving as web manager for and photo editor of Green Pages.

David's Platform
Open Government

We need a government that residents can place trust in.

We need a government that is not reluctant to share information.

Our village meetings should be videotaped and broadcast on TimeWarner and uploaded to the web.

There should be a yearly "State of the Village" statement.

Economic Development

The Village government must actively work to develop our tax base by recruiting businesses to locate here. At present, the former IGA property, Wallies, and the former Mill property along the River are vacant. We should be working with the current owners to market those properties to businesses that would bring needed jobs and services to Greenwich

The Village should accept the standing invitation of the Town to add additional Village information onto the Town website

The Village should contract with a professional grant writer.

The development of the downtown into a shopping area is entirely due to the hard work of business owners. It's long past time for our Village government to take the needs of the downtown merchants and make them part of Village policy. If their needs, especially parking, are continued to be ignored, our Village will once again become filled with empty storefronts.

The USDA office on Rt 40 has programs to help rural communities such as Greenwich. The last project they oversaw in Greenwich was Cynthia Meadows. It is time that we take advantage of their programs and expertise.

Shared Responsibilities

We need to explore sharing services and facilities with the Town.

The IGA property should be sold and the proceeds used to refurbish the current Village Hall.

The Village should look into sharing costs for a new fire station with the Town as well as looking into grants and low-interest loans to finance a new firehouse. This is an issue that has been in front of us for years.

The Town Board, Village Board, Chamber of Commerce, School Board and Library govern life in our community. At present there is little if any communication between them. We need to create an atmosphere where those bodies can publicly share information and work together for a better Greenwich.

The Gannon Commission needs to be reconstituted and given the financial responsibility to manage it.

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