Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ballot Access Report

In New York State the Green Party will have to collect around 40,000 signatures in about 6 weeks to have our presidential candidate placed on the ballot. This project will be a predominately volunteer effort (and we will be asking for your help) but it is still expected to cost around $18,000 to have a successful result.

The Ballot Access Committee (BAC) approved the disbursement of $4,000 to the Arizona Green Party to assist with their ballot drive. Arizona is considered our top priority because it is a difficult state and has the second-earliest deadline. They need about 30,000 signatures by March 6, and currently have about 11,000. Greens from other states are going to Arizona to assist.

The committee is developing short analysis papers for other state ballot lines. We currently have such papers submitted for Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Minnesota, and Utah.

We anticipate having maps, contact information for state parties, signature requirements and deadlines, and much more on gp.org in the near future. We also anticipate that this information will be available on the convention website when it
goes up.

The committee has discussed the need for a Field Director who would concentrate on the raw administrative work of staying on top of what's going on in the various state. The sentiment of the committee has been to ask that the Steering Committee consider such a hire.

Fundraising is a significant concern of the committee. The GPUS website has a page set up for ballot access earmarked contributions but there's not a substantive outreach program for this. It has been suggested that the Field Director could play a role in fundraising.

For many BAC members, the last month has largely consisted of simply getting caught up to speed on some of the exigencies of ballot issues. It is a daunting field because the laws differ so much from state to state. While it has been relatively straightforward for the committee to focus on Arizona, very soon there will be numerous major drives going on, and this will be the first time the committee has really been engaging this process. Trying to figure out what precisely the committee can do to assist when the onslaught of petition drives really takes off will be a thorny matter, but interest and determination are both high.

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