Monday, January 21, 2008

Support for the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in Washington DC

I had the opportunity this past summer to visit the proposed site of the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial in Washington, DC. It will be right on the water about across from the Jefferson memorial near the Lincoln and Korean War monuments. I think it's a great cause and something I have given to and support.

Thanks to DC Statehood Green T. E. Smith, the Green Party will now be listed among the organizations supporting the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial to be built on the National Mall in Washington, DC. "I felt that it was important that the Green Party provide tangible support for this project. People of Color, particularly Black People, are ignored and taken for granted by the two corporate parties - except on election day. The Green Party platform supports racial justice, the Democrats have not come out in favor of reparations for slavery, but the Green Party has supported reparations since 1998. The only way people will know about this is if we work together to support projects like the MLK Memorial".

According to memorial organizers, the Green Party of the United States is the only political party to date to have made a financial contribution to the project. For more information about the MLK Memorial go to:

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