Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Head-Roc Gets Greens behind BALL in ‘08

Head-Roc Continues To Get Greens behind BALL in ‘08
The Cali Outreach Tour Continues for Jared Ball for President in ‘08

Head-Roc Continues To Get Greens behind BALL in ‘08 Oakland, CA - After addressing issues of the criminal justice system and the need for wholesale reform and changes in US incarceration policy at a fundraiser for the San Francisco BayView Newspaper Prisoners Fund, flew back to the Washington DC area to tend to a family emergency.

Seeing the importance of California Green Party members, Head-Roc, co-campaign manager and independent hiphop artist, is continuing the Jared Ball/Capitol Resistance California Tour. Expressing his commitment to deliver the campaign’s message of hope and inspiration Head-Roc stated “I’m excited about continuing the wonderful fellowship with California Greens as part of Dr. Ball’s efforts to earn the Green Party’s Presidential nomination, and continue to deliver the candidate’s message of hope”.

Head-Roc notes that Ball’s message of radical inclusion and grassroots political empowerment that engages audiences via their “Capitol Resistance” presentation can play an integral role as a Party building tool that promotes participation in truly progressive/radical political activities amongst the disenfranchised and disaffected “Communities of Culture” not just in California, but across the United States of America.”


* Los Angeles Peace Center: Dec. 19th 7pm, 8124 W. Third Street (near Crescent Heights) Los Angeles, CA / 323-651-5539. Parking behind building - enter through alley.
* Interview with Akinyele Sadiq of SF Public Access Television: Dec. 21st in San Francisco

After completing radio interviews in San Luis Obispo and on his way to a key outreach event at the Peace Center in Los Angeles on December 19th. Head-Roc will return to the Bay Area for media opportunities and outreach on the 20th.

“The fact is that our Party needs to grow in numbers and ways that will nullify the scandalous acts of our elitist corporate ruled US political system makes it incumbent upon those already entrenched in progressive life to pursue investment in new avenues of outreach to our brothers and sisters living in struggle,” added Head-Roc who is currently recording a follow up to his 2005 release entitled “Negrophobia.”

Although now back on the East Coast, Jared Ball, a communications professor at Morgan State University in Baltimore, and Pacifica radio host at WPFW in Washington, D.C. has continued to do interviews with California media. He also points to a greater message that is less about him and more about creating a legitimate and inclusive alternative to the current political parties that speaks for those generally forgotten.

“We will continue to both represent and present our “Capitol Resistance” community outreach methods to fellow Green Party sisters and brothers as a viable way to build the Party,” said Ball.


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