Thursday, November 29, 2007

End of Year Message from Canadian Green leader Elizabeth May

Green Party of Canada
Parti Vert du Canada

Dear Green Party friend,

It may be a bit early for an end-of-year message,
but I wanted to write to you now, before you find
yourself caught up in the happy chaos of the
holiday season.

Last month, Canadians once again teetered on the
edge of a snap general election. Once again, we
were pulled back from the brink. It's anyone's
guess how much longer we must remain in this
state of will-they-won't-they political turmoil.

So, we proceed into 2008 with the ever-present
threat of a federal election.

Regardless of when the election is called, the
Green Party of Canada must maintain a national
presence and further develop an election capacity
that builds on our many recent successes:

-- A record, and increasing number of Canadians
now support us, with opinion polls indicating
between 8% and 14% support across the country

-- The Green Party of Ontario garnered a historic
8% of the vote in the recent provincial election,
tripling its 2003 result and coming close to
electing Shane Jolley, who won 33% of the vote in
his riding

-- In the last Prince Edward Island election, we
came in ahead of the NDP

-- More and more prominent Canadians are
supporting the Green Party, including Order of
Canada recipients Margaret Atwood, Graeme Gibson
and Farley Mowat

-- According to independent surveys, over 75% of
Canadians want us in the televised leadership

We have the momentum for an electoral
breakthrough and, for the first time, to win
seats. But to do that we must maintain a strong
presence in your riding and in the media. Voters
must see us and hear from us if we are to have
the credibility we need to elect Green MPs.

We must ensure that there is significant funding
to support our growing list of talented and
committed candidates, to run a strong and
effective national campaign, and to sustain our
presence, our credibility and our distinctive
voice in the coming months.

The NDP have just announced they intend to spend
$18 million in the next election. At the moment,
the Green Party of Canada can only afford to
spend about one-tenth of that. We need to do
better. We need your help. Now.

We will make historic gains in this next
election, but only with your help.

I ask that you give generously to the Green Party
of Canada today to support the shift toward a
stable and sustainable future for you and your

The best time to give is now, as we approach the
end of the tax year. That means that you have a
final opportunity to donate or add to a previous
donation and still get a tax credit for the 2007
tax year.

As you may know, the tax credit for political
contributions is very generous. You get up to 75%
of your gift back, so a donation of $400 only
costs you $100. See the enclosed donation form
for details of the refund you can expect. I urge
you to act today to help us make your voice heard
now and in the coming federal election campaign.

I want to lead a strong campaign! I want to show
Canadians our vision for the country and our plan
to make that vision a reality.

To do that, I need your help. Together, we can
make history. Please give to the Green Party of
Canada today.

Elizabeth May, O.C.
Leader, Green Party of Canada

P.S. Every dollar you give will help the Green
Party maintain a distinct, clear and credible
national voice in Canada.

1. Donate online at:

2. By mail to:
Green Party of Canada
P.O. Box 997
Station B
Ottawa, ON K1P 5R1

3. Call toll-free:

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