Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dave Lussier Leads by 5 votes

Dave Lussier - Albany(NY) County Legislature
5 vote lead 1057 votes cast
90 absentee ballots (to be opened on Nov 14)

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Jason Nabewaniec said...

Dave Lussier, Candidate for Albany County Legislature, Holds Five Vote Lead

Contact: Peter LaVenia • Telephone: 518-463-8653 • E-mail • Lussier web site

GPUSTemplate1_Candidate.gifDave Lussier Green Party candidate for Albany County Legislature (7th District), claimed a victory Tuesday night. With all election districts reporting, Lussier leads by 531 to 526 against Democratic Brian Scavo. The Board of Elections this evening informed Lussier campaign manager Peter LaVenia that the paper ballots (absentee and affidavits) will be counted a week from this Wednesday.

Lussier thanked the many neighborhood activists who supported his candidacy in the closing month of the elections, as well as Green party supporters who volunteered hundreds of hours to support his candidacy.

Lussier comes to office with a comprehensive plan to address some of the most pressing issues facing his district, as well as Albany County as a whole. “Dealing with the problem of abandoned buildings in the City of Albany has always been a top priority,” said Lussier. “I am also eager to begin implementing solutions for rising energy costs, promote health care for all as a way to control Medicaid costs, and ensure a living wage to all county workers.”

Lussier added “this campaign highlights that every vote does indeed count. I want to thank every voter in this election who made time to participate.”

Peter LaVenia, Co-Chair of the Green Party of New York State, praised Mr. Lussier for his strong campaign and innovative ideas. LaVenia added, “Dave Lussier’s victory is yet another indication of the general public embracing many key values of the Green Party. We believe this is a step forward for everyone concerned about the social, financial and environmental challenges plaguing so many communities in New York State.”

If Lussier’s victory holds up, it would be the first time that a candidate not associated with the Democrats or an affiliated party (e.g., Working Families) has won an election in close to a century in the City of Albany.

Lussier ran a strong grassroots campaign, focusing on door-to-door communication and promotion of his innovative ideas. His opponent, Brian Scavo, obtained the Democratic Line in a primary against incumbent Thomas R. Monjeau earlier this Fall. Lussier will assume the seat formerly held by Monjeau in Legislative District 7.

LaVenia noted that “in the early 80s when Nancy Burton used to win Democratic primaries in the City of Albany by four votes they called it a landslide. When the Green Party wins by five votes against the longest running Democratic machine in the country, it is a mandate for change.”