Monday, November 05, 2007

Action Alert: Impeach Cheney

Tell your Representative to support
H.Res. 333 to Impeach Cheney

Bush and Cheney have continuously lied to and manipulated the American people with illegal surveillance, mass detentions without judicial review, torture and signing statements that carve out exceptions to legislation. On November 5th, Rep. Dennis Kucinich has introduced a resolution to impeach Cheney stating:

"The momentum is building for impeachment," Kucinich said. "Millions of citizens across the nation are demanding Congress rein in the Vice President's abuse of power.

"Despite this groundswell of opposition to the unconstitutional conduct of office, Vice President Cheney continues to violate the U.S. Constitution by insisting the power of the executive branch is supreme.

"Congress must hold the Vice President accountable. The American people need to let Members of Congress know how they feel about this. The Vice President continues to use his office to advocate for a continued
occupation of Iraq and prod our nation into a belligerent stance against Iran. If the Vice President is successful, his actions will ensure decades of disastrous consequences."

Today it is time for you to take action and tell the Bush administration we will no longer allow their abuse of power to go unnoticed. Please write to your congressperson today and ask them to support HR 333. You can click here to go to an automated letter asking Representatives to support H.Res. 333.

Also, you can sign the Green Party impeachment petition at the following link: . Or, you can send an automated sample letter (or you can modify it in your own words) to be found at the same link.

Please help the Green Party in its efforts to convince Congress to impeach the Bush Administration.

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