Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moving the Money to Main Street

Moving the Money to Main Street, in support of our Key Values of Community-based Economics and Social Justice.

The major financial institutions are draining our communities' equity and we all play a part if we bank in their institutions. By finding and supporting those banks in our own communities who reinvest in our community in a sustainable way we will complete the cycle of our money supporting us.

This campaign is a coordinated effort of people across the country who will be withdrawing their checking accounts, mortgages, credit cards, etc. from the ~20 Big Banks that fund the rapacious destruction of the planet and moving them to either a locally based bank/credit union or one supporting their values. The determining factor where to place accounts will be excellence; banks and credit unions that have a history of supporting the community in a sustainable way. Our task here is to find those institutions and coordinate the efforts of individuals to make the switch.

This website, and the correlating listserv, will help organize people, Greens and otherwise, who are ready to take personal responsibility for their transactions. On this site you will find support for finding a good bank or credit union, resources like what questions to ask your banker, what to look for in a financial institution, understanding the money system and a database of banks already researched (in process). We encourage everyone to make the switch and this action can be taken whenever one is ready.

For greater impact we invite you to join with others in an organized action of withdrawing and reinvesting. This campaign will coordinate those actions and offer support to the participants. In places where we can identify 5 or more people who want to participate we will develop press opportunities around it.

We encourage all GP candidates to utilize this campaign in their electoral effort. The topic of money speaks to all voters. In order to be the Pro-Peace Party or the Environmental Party we must also be the Financially Responsible Party.

Please join us. Everyone is welcome, whether you have already made the switch or are working to that end. We need all of you. Let's start the wave that returns the power of local strength and sustainability to our communities across the country.

How we vote with our money and how we use our money can be a significant source of political power.

To join the listserv or for info on the campaign email

A look at today's economic system

How to find a local bank to match your values

The US banking tapeworm

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Anonymous said...

Here is an excerpt from A potent inflationary cocktail ( that indicates there is virtually nothing ‘we’ can do to deter the major banks:

…When you take into account the billions in bank credit ‘infused’ into the system by the FED and multiply it by the current fractional-reserve multiplier (infinity), this calculates out to (according to my rough calculations) exactly 6.6 jillion gazillion umpty-ump quintillion dollars that can be created by the banks, which is just about enough money to bail out everybody in the Whole Freaking World (WFW), which (according to the bizarre current economic theory and practice) is the new purpose of a central bank.