Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Howie Hawkins endorsed by the Syracuse Post-Standard

The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY), October 30, 2007

Five candidates are running for two
councilor-at-large seats. The Post-Standard
endorses Howie Hawkins, the Green Party
candidate, for one of the seats.

Hawkins is a familiar name in local and state
politics. But because he has run as a minor-party
candidate in so many races and has never won,
some might wonder whether he is a "legitimate"
candidate. In fact, Hawkins is one of the more
credible people running for local office this

He has substantive ideas that have provoked
discussion even among his opponents - including
proposals on public power and a commuter tax. He
has a community-based perspective that is largely
lacking on the council, critically viewing such
proposals as a curfew and a parking "boot"
through the lens of less well-to-do residents.
His many ideas - including establishing a
community hiring hall, creating a municipal bank
and developing a green tech training center -
could spark more progressive, out-of-the-box
thinking in City Hall.

For the second available seat, voters would be
well-served by either Bill Ryan or Kathleen Joy,
both Democratic incumbents. Both are congenial,
smart and hard-working.

Ryan joined two of his colleagues in a trip to
Rochester recently to talk to officials about
that city's curfew, even though he has been
opposed to it. He backs a much-needed unified
economic development office and believes
quality-of-life issues are key to the city's

Joy is capable of bringing groups together to
solve problems - such as her efforts to meet with
tenants, landlords and neighborhood groups to
develop rental property standards. She has taken
a lead in promoting green-building standards.

Republican Bill Harper and Conservative Bob
Teachout also are on the ballot. Harper believes
businesses must be supported, especially in
downtown, and that the city should explore
alternative energy sources.

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