Sunday, August 05, 2007

Don't Just Vote - Run For Office!

we need YOU to run for office

The deadline to decide to run for office is fast approaching, we have until August 21st to collect and submit petitions for Green Party candidates.

Click here to find out how many signatures are required for each election

Signature requirements range from 79 signatures in Rush to 1,500 signatures for County Executive.

Click here if you are unsure of a district

Call us at (585) 234-6470 or e-mail Jason at J_Nabs at hotmail dot com if you are interested.

The following candidates will be uncontested in the November elections by the one of the two big parties:

Monroe County
• County Executive: Maggie Brooks (R)
• Supreme Court: Judge John Ark (R)

County Legislature
• LD 5: Mark Cassetti (R)
• LD 9: Tony LaFountain (R)
• LD 12: Jeff Adair (R)
• LD 22: Glenn Gamble (D)
• LD 25: Calvin Lee (D)

• Clerk: Susan Kramarsky (D)
• Justice: Karen Morris (D)

• Clerk: Richard Brongo (R)
• Justice: Patrick Pietropaoli (R)

• Supervisor: Paul Kimball (R)
• Clerk: Sharon Mattison (R)

East Rochester
• Justice: Victoria Argento (R)

• Justice: Charles Schiano (R)

• Supervisor: Dennis Roach (R)
• Clerk: Kathi Rickman (R)
• Justice: Paul Rath (R)
• Council: David Rose (R)
• Council: Thomas Breslawski (R)

• Supervisor: James Breese (R)
• Supervisor: Michael Yudelson (R)
• Justice: James Piampiano (R)
• Justice: Steven M. Donsky (R)
• Justice: LaMarr J. Jackson (R)
• Justice: John G. Pericak (R)
• Council: Catherine McCabe (R)
• Council: William Mulligan (R)
• Council: Anthony Pirrello (R)

• Supervisor: Jeffrey Babcock (R)
• Clerk: James Merzke (R)
• Justice: William Fletcher (R)
• Highway: William Smith (R)

• Clerk: Lynn Bianchi (R)
• Justice: Michael Schiano (R)

• Highway: Brian Speer (R)

• Council: Jim Mulley (R)
• Council: Linda Kohl (R)

• Clerk: Susan Roberts (R)
• Justice: Thomas Klonick (R)

• Supervisor: William Carpenter (R)

• Supervisor: Kenneth Kuter (R)
• Justice: Louis Amarosa (R)
• Council: Robert Ottley (R)
• Council: David Smith (R)

• Supervisor: William Udicious (R)
• Clerk: Pamela Bucci (R)
• Council: Richard Anderson (R)
• Council: Thomas Doupe (R)
• Highway: Steven King (R)

• Supervisor: Nat Lester (R)
• Justice: Carl Coapman (R)
• Council: Thomas Ferris (R)
• Council: Patricia Connors (R)
• Police Justice: Mark Depferd (R)
• Receiver of Taxes: Sherri Lee Bryant (R)
• Highway: Frederick Perrine (R)

• Supervisor: Ron Nesbitt (R)
• Justice: David Corretore (R)

• Supervisor: Linda Dobson (R)
• Town Clerk: Nancy Jo Conrad (R)
• Justice: Harold Litteer (R)
• Council: Rodger DeWitt (R)
• Council: Tammy Spear (R)

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