Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goodbye Stephanie Miller Show

I have just turned off my radio and will now be bidding adieu to the Stephanie Miller Show. After just hearing you blame people who voted for third party candidates for the deaths in Iraq I wanted to throw my radio out the window. You should be ashamed. This wasn't some joke that I "didn't get" you blamed people of conscience, who believe in non-violence for thousands of innocents being killed. But let's look at the facts:

*It was YOUR precious democrats who allowed Bush & Co. to steal the election in Florida in 2000.

*It was YOUR precious Al Gore who ran the worst presidential campaign this side of Michael Dukakis, who didn't even use a popular sitting president to help him carry Arkansas!

*It was YOUR precious Dennis Kucinich who led all the progressive democrats by the nose to the 2004 convention only to bail on them and have the democrats go with that pathetic excuse for a platform (which he will do again in 2008)

*It was YOUR John Kerry John Kerry, but he also quit when there was obvious voter fraud in Ohio. You remember Ohio. That's where the Green & Libertarian candidates have sued over the voting practices there. Not a peep from the dems. Actually, your own party embarrassed your VP candidate who an hour before Kerry quit, told reporters that they would never back down.

You bitch and whine about the two-party system (which is really one party) then you castigate anyone who tries to change it. You talk about what a bad idea it is for Cindy Sheehan to run against Pelosi, but of course you'll kiss Cindy's ass when she's on the radio with you the next day.

And just for the record, while I did work on Ralph Nader's campaigns in 1996 and 2000 I worked for the Green Party's candidate, David Cobb, in 2004. I've run for office myself trying to create a better system and save lives here and in Iraq. I've been in war protests and have worked countless hours on progressive causes. So I'm not a Nader jocksniffer. I actually think for myself and have my own opinions based on facts.

Goodbye Stephanie Miller Show. Good riddance.

Dave Atias
Rochester, NY

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