Monday, July 02, 2007

Augustson Drops Out of the '08 Presidential Race


Augustson to Target Emanuel's Seat House Seat


Dear Greens, Friends and Allies:

As the heading above should make somewhat obvious, as of the time of this writing I will cease to actively pursue the 2008 Green Party nomination for President of the United States.

This is not an action I take lightly. The conditions that, I felt, forced me to run have not changed: Green Presidential candidates exist, but they are not waging visible, effective, issue-based campaigns. Some appear to be waiting for the endorsement of a bigger name; others for a big-name candidate to enter the race. I charge these people to remember: a big-name candidate may not endorse the whole Green Party platform. S/he may not be willing to run without the aid of PAC or lobby money.

And, worst of all, s/he may not run to win. I have said from the very beginning that a candidate who does not have an intention to win, nor a plan to govern thereafter, is not helping the Green Party. The time for symbolic campaigns is long past; there is simply too much at stake. There is no hope in the Green message if we concede that it is a losing message. The voters, the media, and your fellow Party members will not respect, contribute to, or vote for a candidate without the intellect, persuasive power or strength of will to win an election. I charge my fellow candidates to consider their commitment to change, and redouble their efforts as befits a Presidential candidate.

I may re-visit the possibility of a Presidential bid at some later time. For now, I am turning my attention to the pursuit of a different target: the Fifth Congressional District of Illinois. This, my home district, is currently represented by Mr. Rahm Emanuel (D), who is scheduled to run unopposed in 2008. Mr. Emanuel has also, unfortunately, failed to heed and obey the mandate of the American people in the mid-term elections. He has supported the reprehensible so-called “USA PATRIOT Act� through which we are made less free, though not one bit safer, with each passing day. He has also callously failed to support a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, and has not given Universal Healthcare the support it deserves.

This is a more manageable target, and a smarter, more efficient use of my time and energy. I believe the people of Illinois will stand up for a real alternative, and from this position I will be able to push the Green point of view more visibly and effectively than as a severely-underfunded presidential candidate.

I remain grateful for the friends I have made throughout this process, and hope that they will stay tuned as the Green Party continues the quest to heal America. You have all my best wishes.


Alan Augustson, MPP

Alan Augustson
Green Party Candidate for President

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