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In case you had any doubt . . . .
There's only one Peace Party!

Are you as outraged as we are about the Democrats capitulation to Bush when they voted to continue to fund the war in Iraq ? A CBS/NYT poll released last week shows that only 23% of the public approves of the way George Bush is handling the war in Iraq. Despite overwhelming public opposition to the war in Iraq, Democrats once again chose to represent the interests of the oil corporations and military contractors over the lives of our troops and the will of the American public. How many more Iraqi and American lives will be lost because of this cowardice ?

Last November, the public sent a message when they voted "No War" at the polls. Did the Democrats forget? By supporting the continued funding of the war without any kind of timeline for troop withdrawal, Congressional Democrats made it clear that they will not excercise leadership to get us out of the war in Iraq.

You understand that any true "peace party" must be free of the corporate interest that drives the government's decision to go to war in the first place. You understand that in order to realize a truly sustainable, secure, and prosperous future for all, we must build a party that refuses corporate cash. But what about your friends , neighbors , spouse, parent, child, aunt, roommates or coworkers ? If they oppose the war, have they switched to Green yet? Ask them to get involved in the nation's only true peace party. You can access our automated Tell-A-Friend link by clicking here.

Its up to us to represent the majority of the American public as the peace party. To do that, we need your support, If you are not yet a Green Party Sustainer, please sign-up today by clicking here. If the Green Party doesn't take leadership to end the war in Iraq, who will? Please act today. You can access our automated Tell-A-Friend link by clicking here.

National Green Party Speakers

Looking for a Green Party speaker for your event? Contact the National Green Party Media Committee today to schedule a Green Party speaker for your show or event at

Green Party speakers offer a provocative counterpoint to the status quo. Whether speaking about universal, single-payer health care, support for local economies, immediate withdrawal from Iraq, or other pressing concerns, our speakers provide expert analysis and solutions. Green Party speakers include elected officials, political candidates, grassroots activists, and everyday people who chose to become part of the solution. Committed to environmentalism, nonviolence, and social justice, Greens are renewing democracy without the support of corporate money. For more information go to
Head-Roc to Headline Music Fest at
Green Party National Meeting

The Green Party National Meeting, taking place in Reading, PA July 12-15th, will be a great chance to learn the skills to build effective campaigns, network with Greens from across the country and worldwide; and, most of all, to have fun! Noted progressive Hip-Hop artist and Green Party member Head-Roc and his crew will headline the Music Fest with a performance on Saturday night. Head-Roc will also make a solo apperance on Thursday.

Highlights include:

* Global Greens: Presentations from Juan Behrend, Co-Secretary General of the European Green Party; Janet Eaton from the Green Party of Canada talking about the NAFTA Super Corridor, and representatives from the Green Party of the Dominican Republic and the Green Party of New Zealand.

* Presidential Forum: Any candidate currently seeking the Green Party nomination for President in 2008 will have an early opportunity to address party delegates

* Catherine Austin Fitts, President of Solari, Inc. a socially responsible investment firm, and former Federal Housing Director in the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

* Workshops: Numerous workshops on topics such as "media relations," "running for office," and "building an effective campaign organization"

* Special three-day workshop on "Dismantling Racism" - open to the general public. *Please Note: Registration for the "Dismantling Racism" Workshop has been extended to June 15th. For more information go to:

* Musical groups: Noted Hip-Hop artist and Green Party member Head-Roc and his DJ's Eurock and Noyeek will headline the Music Fest with a performance on Saturday night. Head-Roc will also make a solo apperance on Thursday. The four day event will also include performances by the Juggling Suns, Green Onions, Hexbelt, Uncle Skip, and the Robin Irvin All Star Band. More musical groups TBA soon?. Stay tuned!

On-line registration will be available until July 6th at: We have arranged a discount room rate with the Abraham Lincoln hotel. If you are interested in staying at this historic hotel call 610-372-3700, or 877-999-3223 and be sure to mention the Green Party Meeting in order to receive the discount. The discounted rate is available until June 15th.

Election Update

The Green Party won four races this month bringing the total number of victories this year to 20 for a win rate of 45%! Congratulations to Rudy Heller elected as Selectman in Brookfield, MA; Tom Flittie, reelected to Town Meeting in Amherst, MA; Rome Celli reelected to the Brighton, NY School Board; and Edgar Rodriguez, elected to the New Paltz, NY School Board.

Renee Bowser did not win her bid for DC Ward 4 City Council coming in fifth out of a field of 19 but she built up a great campaign team and had an unprecedented number of supporters out at the polls on Election Day.

Jason West did not win his bid for reelection as Mayor of New Paltz, NY. As one of our most renowned office holders, Jason gained the world's attention and risked criminal prosecution when he officiated the marriages for 25 same-sex couples. Jason West also helped move municipal buildings to use solar power and implemented a sewage treatment system using natural reed beds.

Rebecca Rotzler, the Deputy Mayor of New Paltz, did not seek a second term in office and will end her term this month. Rebecca has been an unyielding voice for peace and justice and has been one of the Green Party's most public spokespersons against the War in Iraq. She is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States. Thank you Rebecca and Jason for bringing innovative Green change to New Paltz, and for inspiring Greens everywhere.
Sign the Green Party
Impeachment Petition
The Geen Party has been opposed to the war in Iraq from before it started and we have called for impeachment almost as long. You can now sign the recently created Green Party Petition to Impeach Bush and Cheney here.
Please go here to write your congress person or local newspaper using the Green Party automated system.

Register Green. Vote Green. Give Green.

The Green Party does not accept corporate donations. We depend entirely on donations from people who are committed to building a powerful and progressive alternative to the two corporate parties.

We ask you to challenge corporate influence in politics by supporting the Green Party of the United States! Show your resistance to the status quo by enabling us to continue organizing and mobilizing for real change. Please help us get out our positive, progressive values to new communities, and to deepen our involvement where we're already anchored.

Support us today and please consider becoming a sustainer (look for the recurring donation option).

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Federal law requires political committees to use their best effort to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and employer for each individual whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. Contributions form the following individuals and entities are prohibited: corporations, labor organizations, national banks, government contractors, people under 18 years of age, and foreign nationals.

*$36.00 is roughly equivalent to the $1.00 paid for a one-year membership in the Populist Party of the 1890s. The Populist Party was a multiracial, progressive, grassroots third party of working people which agitated for many popular progressive reforms. The Green Party of the 21st century continues the Populist's fight for citizen empowerment and progressive reforms at all levels today.

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