Sunday, May 06, 2007

Citizen's to Save Public Access & Petition

"Viewers are not aware that they're at risk of losing their only access to free speech television ."
Public Access Hawaii -

"Texas lawmakers passed legislation allowing cable providers such as Time -Warner to ditch their production of these channels as of Jan. 1, 2006. The loss of these channels is about "free speech" . Lisa Sorg San Antonio Current, Texas

"The city must give it's people a voice, connect communities & encourage civic participation."
Anton Konev , Albany, NY on loss of local cable access

Hi Everyone,

We're starting a new coalition called "Citizen's to Save Public Access " . Why ? Because the Town of Greece has voted, in near secret by adding the issue to the town meeting agenda at the very last minute & without public debate, to move our Local Public Access under the control of the Greece School Board. Now its up to the school board to turn it down or not . This is phase 2.

We are in need of speakers , op-ed letter writers , phone callers, media people, lobbyists, lawyers anyone willing to be interviewed for local access tv, or to just help save this last vestige of free speech in our community, and by doing so hopefully help surrounding communities as well who are yet to be attacked .

Many of you have benefitted from exposure on Greece Cable West and learned things you wouldn't have elsewhere, you told me so .

It's happening all over the country by design, because Pubilc Access makes an open forum for the truth to be heard officials are angry when they're exposed. Greed of course is another reason.

Time Warner Cable & large telephone companies are major culprits across the country refusing to pay franchise fees so the local cable access can not be funded and the open channels taken over by government and / or private corporations. No more community input at all, WHATSOEVER in some places ! In other places citizens are put through major hurdles to have their own shows . Even though they are using our public land to lay their cables and our public airwaves and charging you for it monthly on your monthly cable bill !

This is about your voice & the voice of your community. We don't need any more corporate / government controlled channels loaded with misinformation, propaganda & commercials . Please help if you can, you do not need to be a Greece citizen to help. This affects the entire country .

Please let The Green Party know if you would like to join the coalition. (585) 234-6470

I thank You for your time.
Please also forward this to anyone you think may want to help.

Sign the petition here to Save Public Access in Greece, NY:

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