Friday, April 20, 2007

Nader to campaign for Jason West

Nader to campaign for West Monday
April 20, 2007

New Paltz — Ralph Nader is coming to town to campaign for fellow Green
Party member Jason West on Monday.

Nader, probably the country's best-known corporate critic and a former
presidential candidate, is expected to attend a screening of "An
Unreasonable Man," a documentary about himself at the Rosendale
Theater at 6:30 p.m. He'll answer questions and sign his latest book

Nader's appearence marks the first time in living memory that a
national political figure has come to campaign on behalf of a village
of New Paltz candidate. West is running for a second four-year term as
mayor against Terry Dungen, a current member of the village board. The
election is May 1.

West said in a prepared statement that he was honored to have Nader
campaign on his behalf.

Earlier Monday, Nader is scheduled to give an address at Vassar College.

reporter: Jeremiah Horrigan

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Jason Nabewaniec said...

Ralph Nader Supports Mayor West

Green Party of New York State

Jason West for Mayor of New Paltz, New York

Contact: Jonathan Wright (845) 430-6708

April 23, 2007

Public Advocate Ralph Nader is coming to the Hudson Valley to publicly support Mayor Jason West on Monday, April 23rd.

"Since his election four years ago, Jason West has become a widely known elected official. Proving himself a pragmatic, effective community leader, West has been able to demonstrate how much more progress there can be in his community" said Nader.

As the New Paltz village elections approach, "the nation's conscience" returns to the Hudson Valley . The Rosendale Theatre at 401 Main St. , Rosendale NY will screen "An Unreasonable Man," as part of a benefit in support of the reelection of Mayor West at 6:30 pm. Admission is $15.00. Nader will be available for a question/answer period after the film, and will be signing copies of his newest book, The Seventeen Traditions.

Nader's visit highlights Mayor West's own accomplishments. West is known for his work on community planning, installing a sustainable village infrastructure, his track record on social justice and his pragmatic approach to the village's daily challenges.

"It is an honor to have Ralph Nader, a national hero, travel to our community to support my reelection," said West.

"The Seventeen Traditions may be the most consequential book since Unsafe At Any Speed," said Nader. Nader recalls his boyhood in the small town of Winsted , CT and how he was shaped by his family, friends, and surroundings. Warmly human, rich with sensory memories and lasting wisdom, The Seventeen Traditions offers kind of a modern day parable of how we grow from children into responsible adults, a reminder of a time when nature and community were central to the way we all learned and lived. Nader is encouraging families to share their own traditions and view the cultural traditions of others at

"An Unreasonable Man" follows Nader through a lifetime of victories for all Americans, including but not limited to: The Clean Air Act, The Consumer Product Safety Act, The Wholesale Meat Act, The Freedom of Information Act, Seat belts, Air bags, Health warnings on cigarette packages, Ingredient labeling of packaged foods and prescription drugs, The Environmental Protection Agency.

More information::