Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Thrift Store to Help City's Poor

Friends Helping Friends distributes groceries and clothing by appointment at 333 Child Street and runs a thrift store with low-cost furniture, appliances and household items. In addition, FHF provides transitional housing for homeless individual(s) at its residential unit at 30 Mark Street.

They have received donations of furniture, household items and clothes at their previous facility where they distributed such product free of cost. However, after further thought, they decided to make furniture, appliances and clothing available at low-cost. They also have clothing, toys and other items available free of charge. If you ever donate clothing or another item to Friends Helping Friends with the request that you want an item to be given for free to a worthy party, they will make sure that happens.

They are keeping their used furniture and appliances cheaper than any other local second hand store. They welcome other nonprofits to refer clients in need of furniture to the organization. If you're interested in selling wares, we welcome vendors coming down to sell products at our thrift store. They also need donations (tax deductible) of any sort; they will pick up furniture, household items, clothing, etc... they will do clean outs (and cleaning) from commercial and residential properties. Thanks to Keith Miles for running around, picking up lots and lots of furniture and generally managing this effort.

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