Thursday, January 04, 2007

Honnoring George Martin

Resolution introduced to Congress in honor The Green Party's very own George Martin
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Honoring Mr. George Martin For His Lifelong Commitment to Peace and Justice

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to my constituent, Mr. George Paz Martin, a longtime activist, community leader and cherished friend who is being honored this month with the Lifetime Peacemaker Award by the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. I can think of no more appropriate recipient for this award. Throughout his life, Mr. Martin has exhibited tireless activism, a limitless command of skills
and approaches, and a relentless pursuit of justice and peace.

There is scarcely a social justice issue on which George Martin has not served a crucial leadership role. Coming of age in the civil rights movement, he fought for equality and desegregation in housing, education, and employment, among other things. He has served numerous organizations that provide community development and services for housing, healthcare, and economic development. An internationally renowned peace activist and Green Party leader, he is also extremely involved in local efforts to address the needs of the veterans’ community.

Not only do his social justice interests know no bounds, but his combination of skills and approaches to the pursuit of justice make him a relentless champion. Having worked in the corporate world, he understands the utility of marketing and promotions in broadening the peace movement. He has built local, national and international coalitions against violence within neighborhoods and among nations. He
is a highly sought-after public speaker, who has participated in nearly every major peace rally since the invasion of Iraq. He has traveled throughout the world building relationships with other peace movements, and serving as a witness to the devastation caused by war and violence.

Finally, Mr. Martin demonstrates seemingly limitless personal commitment. He brings care and compassion to every struggle. It is the hallmark of his style that he has crafted a movement against the Iraq war that takes account of the humanity of everyone involved, including those involved in the fighting, the policymakers, the peace leaders and those who support the war.

I am indebted to George for his expertise, his friendship, and the example of his leadership and I am honored to have this opportunity to thank him for his lifelong commitment to equality, peace, nonviolence and justice.

Washington, DC December 6, 2006

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