Saturday, November 18, 2006

Local Greens - Run for Office in 2007!

Are you ready for the 2007 elections? Yes, I know. Seems pretty early, but it's actually not. 2007 is what is known as an "off-year" which means local elections. This has been the cornerstone of the GPoMC's strategy - to participate in national & state elections to help us win locally. This year, our plan is to focus on village and town elections. Recently, we sent out letters to hundreds of Greens in Monroe County calling on them for office.

Town Boards, Village Trustee, School Boards, Highway Superintendents,the works! If you live in one of the County towns or villages, please consider running for public office. It's how we build the party and spread our ideals. Or, if you know of other progressives in your neighborhood who want to run, direct them to us. Village elections
are actually in the spring so we need to get going.

E-mail Dave Atias at greenpmc34 at yahoo dot com or call (585) 234-6470.

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