Sunday, October 22, 2006

Malachy McCourt at Stages at the Auditorium Theater on October 28

The Green Party of Monroe County is proud to present…

Malachy McCourt in…
“You Don’t Have to Be Irish to Vote for Me”

An autobiographical, one-Gubernatorial Candidate show consisting of a song, a poem and a story or two guaranteed to insult politicians.

Also appearing,
A brief musical interlude by,
Lt. Governor Candidate, Alison Duncan

And locally renowned musician,
Deborah Magone (host of GreenLine)

October 28th, 3pm
@ Auditorium Theater
875 E. Main Street
(handicap accessible)
Cost: $25 per person*

Interpreted by Cindy Gilchrist

Tickets at the door or at

*All proceeds go to the McCourt/Duncan campaign and are not tax deductible.

Malachy McCourt was born in Brooklyn, USA and from the age of three was raised in Limerick, Ireland. A very undistinguished academic career plus the need to eat led him to leave school at the age of thirteen to begin work in Ireland and England as a laborer.

He returned to the land of his birth at the age of twenty and again worked at the manual tasks such as longshoreman, truck loader, dishwasher, until he became an actor. That career took him to Broadway and Off-Broadway and regional theatres, television and film. In the early seventies he was one of the first radio talk show hosts on WMCA and also worked at WOR, WNYC and WABC. He was a frequent guest on the Tonight Show, Merv Griffin and Tom Snyder shows and most recently he was a guest on Conan O'Brien and the Late, Late Show on CBS.

Malachy McCourt has been the recipient of awards from various organizations such as: City Club of New York (Gadfly Award), New York Magazine (Best of New York Award), Turning Point Inc. (Humanitarian Award), World of Hibernia (Super Irish Award), Irish America Magazine (Top 100 Irish Award), NYCLU (Florina Lasker Civil Liberties Award).

As well as being the co-author of the play A Couple of Blaguards with his brother Frank, Malachy has written his own New York Times bestseller memoir, A Monk Swimming and Singing My Him Song, The history of the song Danny Boy, a history of The Claddaugh Ring, Voices of Ireland, an anthology, and Malachy McCourt's History of Ireland. Recent books include Harold Be Thy Name and Bush Lies in State. In the works is, I Never Drink When I'm Sober. Malachy writes a column, Sez I to Myself, that appears in the Manhattan Spirit, The Westsider and Our Town in NYC.

Malachy McCourt is happily married to Diana for almost four decades, has five grown children and is grandfather to four. He owes a great deal to his friend, Bill W.

For more information, please visit Malachy's personal Web site,

“It’s time we vote for what we believe in.”
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