Sunday, October 15, 2006

How you might know Malachy McCourt

Malachy McCourt: Green Party candidate for Governor of New York State

Radio Host: The Next Hour on WBAI (NYC) (Call in Talk Radio Program)
35 years of talk radio experience

Personality: Regular on the Tonight Show with Merv Griffin, Also has made appearance on the tonight show with

Tom Snyder, Late Night with David Letterman, Conan O’Brian,

Laborer: Longshoreman, truck loader, dishwasher

Columnist: New York Newsday, National Geographic, New York Times and Manhattan Spirit

Actor: Theater (Broadway and Off-Broadway), Movies, and Television

HBO prison series Oz (Father Daniel Meehan)

Inherit the Wind

Green Card

Gods and Generals

One Life to Live

All My Children

Playwright: A Couple of Blaguards (Starring Frank McCourt and Malachy McCourt)

Author: A Monk Swimming (New York Times Bestseller), Singing My Him Song, Bush Lies in Sate

Spokesperson: Guinness "Brilliant!" “Please drink responsibly”

Pub Owner: Malachy’s (“meet me at Malachy’s”) and 8 other NYC pubs

Malachy was born in Brooklyn, USA and from the age of three was raised in poverty in Limerick, Ireland, and moved to New York city when he was 23.

Malachy McCourt is happily married to Diana (founder of Womanshare) for almost four decades, has five grown children and is grandfather to four.

Frank McCourts younger brother in real life and in the book "Angela's Ashes"

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