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Greens Successfully Defend Ballot Line from Fraudulent Candidate

Greens Successfully Defend Ballot Line from Fraudulent Candidate

Green Party of New York State
October 8, 2006
Contact: Gloria Mattera, Co-chair
Craig Taylor, Secretary, Green Party of Genesee County
Jason Nabewaniec, Co-chair, GPNYS Campaign Committee

Craig Taylor, secretary of the Green Party of Genesee County, spoke at his home in Darien Center to announce that Christine Murphy's name will not be on the ballot as a result of his successful challenge to her petition to run for United States Congress in New York's 26th Congressional District on the Green Party line. The other candidates for this seat are the incumbent Republican, Tom Reynolds, and his
Democratic Party challenger, Jack Davis.

Taylor spoke out because recent media reports have labeled Murphy as a Green Party candidate. "I wish to make it clear that Christine Murphy is not and never has been the Green Party's candidate for Congress," Taylor stated. "According to the Monroe County Board of Elections, Christine Murphy is a registered Democratic who resides outside the 26th congressional district in Penfield, NY. Our research shows that her petitions were carried by members of the Republican Party," Taylor said.

"Ms Murphy never approached the Green Party about her campaign and was never given permission to use the Green Party name or our logo," said Jason Nabewaniec, Co-Chair of the Green Party of New York State's Campaign Committee. "We do not condone this attempt to hijack our party line," Nabewaniec said.

"If we are at war with another country and attempting to instill democratic values upon another nation, it is critical that our elections be honest and ethical," Donna Rae Sutherland current chairman of Genesee Green Party said. "Any person who attempts to corrupt our nation's election process, especially today when our soldiers are fighting for the 'freedom' of democracy--is the lowest of the low. They are, in fact, tyrants disguised as public servants."

Taylor said that he was pleased to see that 8% of respondents in a September, 28th poll conducted by SurveyUSA poll ( chose a candidate they thought represented the Green Party. "There is obviously strong support for the Green Party in this district, and we look forward to running a real Green Party candidate for this seat in the next election."

The Green Party does have a 2006 Peace Slate for statewide offices:
Malachy McCourt for Governor -
Alison Duncan for Lt Governor –
Rachel Treichler for Attorney General –
Julia Willebrand for Comptroller –
Howie Hawkins for US Senate –

Click the link below for more indepth information on this election fraud:


Christine Murphy
2047 Baird Rd
Penfield, NY 14526

Committee to fill vacancies:

1. Jennifer A Sommer
1254 Greenbrier Lane
North Tonawanda, NY

2. Mary A Grant
4768 York Rd
Leicester, NY

3. Daniel C. Duggan
35 Chateau Terrace East
Amherst, NY

Person listed to correct deficiencies:
Joseph Sciarrino
4667 Lake Ave
Blasdell, NY

None of those people witnessed (collected) signatures. Witnesses:

1. Annalise Freling
154 Cornwall Ave
Tonawanda, NY

2. James E. Reineke
2336 Lockport-Olcott Rd
Newfane, NY

3. Allison Shorts
145 Dalten Dr.
Tonawanda, NY

4. Liam McMaho
8448 Heath Rd
Colden, NY

5. Maria Sprague
541 21st St.
Niagara Falls, NY

6. Korinne Smith
1195 Bowden Dr.
North Tonawanda, NY

7. Tracy M. Thiel
135 Hoover Ave.
Kenmore, NY

8. Sarah Blum? (very poor penmanship)
291 Chelsea
Kenmore, NY

The Candidate switched her voter registration in 2003 from Republican to Democrat, and has not voted in a General Election since 1999. She also does not live in the district. She can be reached at: (585) 264-9432

Committee to fill vacancies:

Jennifer Sommer is a teacher at Reszel Middle School in North Tonawanda. Her husband Brett Sommer is an Alderman at Large & Common Council President of the City of North Tonawanda, and a former candidate for US Congress. (this shows they have the same home address)

Annalise Freling, Maria Sprague, and Korinne Smith collected the majority of the signatures.

James E. Reineke
President of the Board of Education of the Newfane Central Schools

Annalise Freling lists the Erie Young Republicans on her home page on her University of Buffalo website. Her resume includes: 2004- Communications Director for Erie County Young Republicans. 2005- Executive Director for Erie County Young Republicans. Volunteer Coordinator for Canavan for Comptroller. Worked on Campaigns this summer for Tim Howard, Shelia DiTullio, Frank Caruso, and some more....

Maria Sprague discusses her involvement Niagara University Republican Club on her Blog and myspace account.

Korinne Smith recently graduated from North Tonawanda High School where Jennifer Sommer teaches.

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