Saturday, September 30, 2006

GreenLine: "Iraq : War of Choice " Online!

The new GreenLine TV show is finished ! "Iraq : War of Choice " can be viewed HERE.

Please remember to give it a "star rating " in the upper right hand corner and pass it on to friends & family.

It's Part 1 and it's full of history dating back 100 yrs to show why we are in Iraq today. The "real" reason that no one is talking about.

It's definitely the best one yet, but please excuse the web visual quality . Please go to for Rochester-area cable access TV listings to see an even better image.

THANK YOU to all those who contributed freely & courageously on screen, your voices will be heard. Howie Hawkins (Green Party Senate Candidate) , Aiden Delgado (from Abu Guraib) & Iraq Veterans Against the War , Kenneth Love RIT Anti War Group , Veterans for Peace, Jesse Dyen (music), Ava Lowrey (video Broken Promises@Peace Takes Courage), Rochester, NY citizens & more .

Peace , it's getting louder,

Deborah Magone

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