Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thank you for volunteering to petition!

Dear Greens and Friends,

Thank you for volunteering to petition!


Thank you for clearing some
time in your calendars, attending a petition training, testing your
collection of ballpoint pens....After four long years of petitioning
for City Council, petitioning for U.S. Senate, petitioning for School
Board, petitioning for State Assembly...we embark on an entirely
unique petitioning effort. This independent petitioning period could
be the last independent petitioning period for the Green Party of New
York State. If we get at least 50,000 votes for the McCourt/Duncan
ticket on November 7, for the next four years we will enjoy the same
legal privileges as the major parties. New York State will reprint
the voter registration forms to include "Green" as an option for party
enrollment. Candidates will only need to gather a small number of
Green signatures to get on the ballot. Greens won't be staying home
on primary day because, if two or more candidates are competing for
the Green Party line, New York State will organize and pay for a
primary. Voters will stop hunting for our candidates names in odd
places on the ballot because we'll have our very own ballot line. If,
every four years, our gubernatorial candidates get 50,000 votes, we
never have to give those privileges back. It all starts with getting
15,000 valid signatures over the next six weeks.

The petition can be downloaded and printed out here

We are very proud to be running for the Green Party this year. All of
the candidates received strong support from the State Committee during
the convention. (The support for Malachy was unanimous!) All of the
candidates immediately hit the ground running---fundraising,
organizing events, traveling the state, getting press coverage and
printing literature. Over ten thousand New Yorkers have already taken
a piece of campaign literature and thousands have already met a
candidate face to face. Craig Seeman has been organizing videographers
to follow the candidates and post videos online---there have been over
1500 viewings of candidate videos already. Our campaign teams and our
volunteers across the state are working hard and working together to
get our names, our faces and our message out there. We are confident
that, if we can get on the ballot, the McCourt/Duncan ticket will get
more than 50,000 votes and next year's local candidates---with their
resources spent on campaigning rather than petitioning---will have a
real chance to win elected office.

We need at least 15,000 valid signatures to get our names on the
ballot. Petitioners are essential to the success of our campaigns
this year. We know that the next six weeks will bring exhausting,
exhilarating, difficult and fun hard work. If folks say: "Why should I
sign for you? You don't have a chance"...you should answer, "You have
less of a chance with the other parties. With us the Green Party you
have more than a chance of decent caring government representing your
interests. So don't waste your vote---give it to us!"

Thank you for your efforts this year. We will both be out there
petitioning and campaigning next to you, but we know that the majority
of signatures will be gathered by dedicated, individual Greens. Your
petitioning work is invaluable to this campaign and to the future of
Green campaigning in New York. With your help, we are confident that
we can get on the ballot and restore ballot access to the New York
State Green Party.


Malachy McCourt and Alison Duncan
2006 Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor, New York State Green Party 2006

p.s. All of the Peace Slate candidates websites are up and running!
To view them visit:

Malachy McCourt for Governor

Alison Duncan for Lt. Governor

Rachel Treichler for Attorney General

Julia Willebrand for Comptroller

Howie Hawkins for U. S. Senate

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