Sunday, July 30, 2006

Adam Durand Fundraiser a Success!

The fundraiser for Adam Durand was held yesterday at Genesee Valley Park and it was quite a success. There were at least 70 people there, each helping Adam with his legal bills for being charged with burglary (not guilty) and tresspassing (found guilty) in his part in making the video Wegmans Cruelty.

Prominent local Green, Deborah Magone-Fragale performed at the beginning, then hung around to jam with a bunch of local musicians who just happened to be in the park and asked if they could get their gear and play for the group. They weren't even a real band, but they stayed & played (well) for two hours!

The Greens got about 50 petition signatures and a number of people left with copies of the Greens' Platform. Green candidate for Attorney General, Rachel Triechler was also there and she was great in talking to folks through out the event.

Fellow prominent Greens, Melissa Nicholson & Jack Spula were also present!

A pretty good turnout considering neither our weekly "alternative" nor corporate newspapers decided to mention the event.

Thanks going to Deb Magone-Fragale, whoever those dudes were in the band, Compassionate Consumers, Soy Boy for providing the food, the chefs - Nicole & John from Compassionate Consumers and of course all of you who came!

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