Saturday, May 27, 2006

Green Party's US Senate Announces Candidacy in Rochester

"If New Yorkers vote for what they really want, we will win this election!"

(Rochester, NY): Green Party co-founder Howie Hawkins announced his bid for Hillary Clinton’s seat today in Rochester, and to announce the launching of the 2006 Green Party slate, called the Green Party Peace Slate. "Like the majority of New Yorkers, I support immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Medicare for all," said Hawkins. "Hillary Clinton - and the Democratic Party - does not. Expecting the Democrats to get us out of this war any more than the Republicans is like asking a crack addict to turn in their dealer."

Hawkins adds, "If New Yorkers vote for what they really want, we will win this election." The Greens support bringing the troops home immediately and believe that President Bush should be impeached for lying to the country about the reasons for the illegal invasion. "We have to stop going to war for oil," Hawkins says.

Hawkins and celebrity author and gubernatorial candidate Malachy McCourt lead the new NY Green Party 2006 Peace slate, nominated at the Green Party’s May 20th Convention in Albany. The slate is united around what they consider "the winning issues," of peace, healthcare, and jobs. A former marine and a life long activist, Hawkins has extensive campaign experience running in 2002 as the Green Party’s Comptroller candidate, in 2003 as a Congressional candidate running against Jim Walsh, and a 2005 Syracuse Mayoral candidate.

Rounding out the slate are 3 strong female progressive leaders: voting rights activist, Rachel Treichler for Attorney General, Julia Willebrand for Comptroller, and labor and lesbian rights’ activist Alison Duncan for lieutenant governor.

The always entertaining Green Gubernatorial candidate, Malachy McCourt said, "Don’t waste your vote, give it to me!" The Brooklyn-born, New York Times best-selling author has worked on air in NYC’s top radio stations for the past 35 years. His wit and writing have won awards from New York magazine, City Club, and the NYCLU. McCourt quips, "I’m not running for Governor, I’m standing. I will stand with the Green Party and speak out against this immoral war in Iraq."

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