Sunday, April 09, 2006

Red Wings Use Scab Umps

First of all, I'll start with this disclaimer:

I grew up on baseball. I began playing in the street with neighborhood kids when I was 4-years-old; I was able to get into little league at the Avenue D Rec Center a year early (when I was 7) because my Dad was a coach and my Uncle an umpire. (They didn't have t-ball and all that stuff back then)

So I say this with a heavy heart. Minor League umpires are on strike and the minor league teams are using scabs so friends of labor in Rochester should not be going to Red Wing games - it's akin to crossing a picket line. Don't just not go, but call the Red Wings and ask them about the umpires. (click read more for contact info)

I know...I know...It's Rochester Community Baseball. Heck, I inherited six whole shares of stock. And I'll be calling the main office this week to ask about it. And I know that there are people who work in the concession stands and in other capacities at Frontier. But I would tell people not to go to games if they were on strike as well.

Being a good umpire is difficult. You take a lot of crap from players, managers and fans and it's not an easy job. As you go higher up the baseball food chain, the game moves faster and can be more hazardous. And in spite of the cliche of the out-of-shape umpire, most are not and have to be in good shape to be in full gear behind the plate in August. Minor league umpires travel to smaller towns in worse conditions than in the majors and do not get paid that much.

And baseball is threatening to pull a Reagan - just fire everyone on strike. This isn't cool. Call the Red Wings and ask them to do something about the umpire strike.

Rochester Community Baseball, Inc.

PHONE: 585-454-1001
FAX: 585-454-1056
TTY: 585-325-4245

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Dave Atias said...

Here is an update. It's not good news for the umps and labor doesn't seem to be paying attention.