Thursday, March 30, 2006

Education Officials are Liars

It's "funny" how so many education officials and other smarty-pants adults complain that our kids are apathetic and they know nothing about civics. Then thousands of students walk out of classes to protest the House's Immigration Bill. These lazy, know-nothing, apathetic kids did what the so-called representatives wouldn't do - stand up to the big bad Republicans.

And what do they get for it? Locked down schools and truancy tickets. Think of what a teaching moment this could have been. Well, it actually is. These kids are already know this, it's being reinforced that adults hate them. Adults think they're stupid. Schools exist to mentally beat our children into submissiveness.

Oh, and while we're talking about immigration, note that entire newscasts are on this and relatively ignoring Iraq and the censure/impeachment of George Bush.

Nice job.


Anonymous said...

It's easy for you to say that all education officials hate kids, but don't group everyone in one swoop. Some of us care and are Green!

Dave Atias said...

Actually, I said "so many". I only nit pick because my words were changed in your post. I, personally, have only worked for two people who you could say would not fit in the generalization I talked about and both of them have been screwed by even higher-ups.