Thursday, February 09, 2006

Green Pages Newspaper

Dears Greens,

This is the last call for articles to be submitted to Green Pages for the Spring Issue.

Deadline is February 15. We are specifically looking for additional state reports and articles concerning enviromentalism because we would like to have the paper get wide distribution on Earth Day(April 22). You may contact us at

February 15 is also the deadline for cartoons which should be sent to: Additional cartoon info:

-Cartoons should be stand-alone panels (not strips continuing from issue to issue)

-Cartoons may be multipane

-Images should be JPGs, 200 dpi.

-Cartoons will be reproduced in grayscale

-If the cartoonist has a website, Green Pages will provide a link to the site when the cartoon is posted to the Green Pages website.

-Include who should be credited for the cartoon, and the cartoonist's Green affiliation (ie what state, if any, they are registered in).

Thank you,
Green Pages Editorial Board

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