Monday, January 16, 2006

Writing for Green Pages

Dear Green Party people:

Green Pages, our national quarterly publication of the Green Party, needs more people to maintain a quality production of our paper. We have a need for writers and for people to be part of the editorial staff.

If you are interested just in writing for Green Pages, you do not need to apply to the editorial board; instead, let us know if you have ideas for specific articles and/or your areas of interest and expertise.

If you are interested in applying to the editorial board, you should have skills and/or experience valuable to working on a publication, such as editing, production work or photography. If you haven't seen Green Pages before, the online version of our Winter 2006 edition is viewable at:

We have an application process which you can review at our web site:

It is not too complicated and helps us to find out how you can best fit in within the board. You will notice that your state or another caucus must vet you, so please be sure to contact your state/caucus to get that process started or toll-free 866-41GREEN). With your application please include details about whom you contacted (name, position); when contact was made; and phone/email contact info so that Green Pages can follow up as necessary.

Feel free to contact me any questions your may have.

Yours in building a Green Party,
David McCorquodale
Co-chair, Green Pages


Erin Caldwell said...

Are we a member of Green Pages? It would be cool to get a subscription to circulate.

Jason Nabewaniec said...

The party it's self is not, but I am. I guess it would be a good idea for the party to subscribe. There also a good online newsletter call Greenline that is good for greens to subscribe too. Both subsriptions can be done online at or 866-41GREEN

Jason Nabewaniec said...

I recieved a copy of Green Pages in the mail the other day, but I forgot to bring it to the sc meeting, let me know if you want to look through it. -jason