Friday, January 20, 2006

Toste has early lead for Rhode Island Senate

Jeff Toste is a Green Party member who is running the same race (in a district smaller than that of the Chris Hilderbrant race) in his third consecutive election, his former opponents have since dropped out of the running leave Jeff Toste with the advantage of name recognition, and campaign resources.

Fifth District • Providence, Rhode Island
My friends and family,

I ran when it was needed. I ran when no one else would. I ran against an entrenched incumbent — in office over 10 years — from one of Rhode Island's most powerful political families, and I built an organization and base of support to win. After winning 30% of the vote in 2004 despite being outspent five to one, my former opponent has now chosen to run for another political office. In 2006, I am the front-runner for an open seat in RI's State Senate District 5.

I am now poised to win, so please take a few minutes to read why my campaign is about responsible government in Rhode Island, and nationwide. My campaign is for voters who are looking for leadership they can trust. Leadership to fight for responsible government when it is needed. Leadership to create opportunity in the face of difficult challenges. Leadership with a vision of local job creation, renewable energy, property tax relief and affordable housing. Leadership that is about building a political organization —a people's democratic party — that is growing in influence nationally and internationally.

Why I will win in 2006.

*My campaign has built a classic, street-level urban political organization, with dozens of key volunteers with two elections’ worth of experience in voter ID, registration drives, grassroots publicity, and get-out-the-vote.

*My official vote count in 2004 was 30% even with new district lines — drawn after my 2002 election — that eliminated much of my base. Within the same district lines I had a 114% voter increase - 40% of the vote!

*My base of support has increased steadily, so that now, with no incumbent in the race, my name recognition, experience, and organization make me the front-runner.

*I am the candidate of choice for Latino voters, as well as young artists and professionals — the district’s most important emergent constituencies — after receiving the nation’s first-ever endorsement of a Green Party candidate by a statewide Latino political organization.

Why I am the best candidate.

*I am not just getting votes, I am building community. I am active and visible in working to empower my neighbors. This has earned me the trust of voters who support me and will raise their voices when I speak out on issues in the legislature. This is the kind of person we need in elected office.

*As a Green Party Senator, I will not have to "step in line" with the existing political machine and will have greater freedom to address reforms in RI's nearly all-Democratic legislature. By being more vocal, I can negotiate better results to serve the voters.

*I am a member of the third largest political party in the US with over 220 officials in elected office. When elected next fall, I will be the first Green to hold office as State Senator in the US, demonstrating real growth to inspire and motivate nationwide. I have demonstrated vision and commitment to my neighbors and my state. My Portuguese heritage and large extended family have taught me patience, service and a strong work ethic. This background gives me a balanced perspective missing from many in elected office, and has earned me the respect of my neighbors and constituents.

Through my energy and dedication as a leader of the Green Party of Rhode Island— state party co-chair, Nader 2000 organizer, and delegate to the 2004 convention — my determined and practical approach to building community offers a real alternative to machine politics. And with Rhode Island's small size, it is an ideal environment for growing a real political alternative.

Why I need your financial help.

My campaign is poised to win, but no matter how many factors are in my favor, I can't win this race unless I build strong financial support. If you would please dig deep and make the largest contribution you can — I pledge to you, as State Senator, I will bring leadership of vision and trust to Rhode Island, and continue to plant the seeds to grow responsible government nationwide.

Please send whatever you can afford. It’s your very wise investment in the future!

Jeffrey Toste
RI State Senator

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Yes! I want to help Jeff Toste win. Here is my contribution of:
_$500 _$250 _$100 _$50 _other $
City______________________ State____ Zip_____________
Phone email________________________________________
Employer name_____________________________________
Employer address____________________________________
Please make contributions payable and send to: Vote Toste • PO Box 29447 • Providence, RI 02909
Rhode Island state law requires that all contributors list place of employment. Only personal and PAC checks are acceptable
forms of contributions. The Toste campaign does not accept contributions from any PAC representing corporations. * Labor donated*

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