Friday, January 27, 2006

Greens, Run For Village Trustee!

And so it begins...election season. You probably think we're talkiing about November. How about March? Yep, March. There are village elections coming up and we plan on running Greens in as many as possible. So if you live in the villages of Brockport, Churchville, Webster, Scottsville, Hilton or Fairport we'll be contacting you soon
to run for office. Think about it...don't just talk about change - MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!

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Here are the Trustee seats that are open and when the elections are:

Churchville - 1 seat in March
Hilton - 2 seats in March
Scottsville - 1 seat in March
Webster - 1 seat in March
Brockport - 1 seat in June
Fairport - 2 seats in November



In New York State, a village is an incorporated area which is usually, but not always, within a single town. A village is a clearly defined municipality that provides the services closest to the residents, such as garbage collection, street and highway maintenance, street lighting and building codes. Some villages provide their own police and other optional services. Villages have less autonomy than cities. Those municipal services not provided by the village are provided by the town(s) that contain(s) the village. As of the 2000 census, there are 553 villages in New York.

The legislature of a village is the board of trustees, composed of a mayor and (usually) four trustees. The mayor may vote in business before the board and may break a tie. The mayor generally does not posses veto power, unless provided by local law. The mayor is also the executive of the village. A village may also have a full-time village manager, who performs administrative duties which would normally fall upon the mayor. A village must have a municipal building or village hall. Villages may also have a village justice.

To be incorporated as a village, a territory (i.e., given area) must have at least 500 inhabitants and be no more than 5 square miles (13 km²) in area (though there are exceptions to the area rule, such as if an entire town wishes to incorporate as a village). The process of incorporation begins with a petition by either 20% of residents or owners of 50% of assessed real property. It is then voted upon by those living in the territory. Currently, some villages have less than a 500 person population due to loss of inhabitants.

Villages often cross other political boundaries. More than 70 villages are located in two or more towns. Seven villages are divided between two counties. The village of Saranac Lake is in three towns and two counties.

A village in New York State is comparable to a town in certain other states. Villages in New York State are classified by the Census Bureau as incorporated places.

E-mail Co-Chair, Dave Atias or call (585) 966-9067 if you're interested.

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