Saturday, January 07, 2006

Cheer for Standardized Testing?

This article on Kids "cheering" standardized testing is appalling. This testing is child abuse, plain and simple.

Gosh, do I miss Heather Hare. At least she would have called Dan Drmicich or Bill Cala for a quote on the harmful effects of this kind of garbage on kids. If you'd like more info on how ridiculous this is, check out these sites:

I really wish parents understood what all this was really about, then they wouldn't let their kids be put through this. Hammering kids and teachers with standardized tests dumbs down education, it figuratively beats the creativity out of them and causes a ton of kids in the city to drop out of school.

The reasoning seems to be: Hey, some of our schools aren't working. So let's take what we're doing now and just do it more! And some of our schools ARE working. So we have to fix those schools.

Adults drive me crazy.

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Jason Nabewaniec said...

Wow, a pep really for standardized testing! Does telling a child a test is fun make it fun?

I think the real heart of the story is the teacher saying they have been doing practice tests for weeks, when have these children been learning new stuff. When I was in school if you wanted to practice for the SAT or any other test you did it on your own time. Spending weeks of learning time prepping for a test that doesn't necessarily reflect the direction of your class seems highly wasteful.

Why aren't we hearing from more teachers and the union on this, where is the support for education over recitation.