Thursday, January 12, 2006

2006 Green Party Officers

At the Green Party of Monroe County’s Annual Meeting on Monday, the party officers for 2006 were elected. There were both old and new faces at the meeting and elected to office. We’re all very excited about this year’s crew.


Zuzanna Szewczyk – Co-chair in 2005. Former Secretary of GPoMC and instrumental in a number of Green political campaigns. A grad student at the Eastman School of Music and independent piano teacher.

Dave Atias – Former City School Board candidate, and long-time steering committee member. Currently a Sociotherapist at Hillside Children’s Center and involved in a number of organizations committed to helping children.


Bonnie Cannan- Former City Council candidate and long-time Green. Is a committed activist for disablity rights, women’s rights, anti-racism and labor.

Jason Nabewaniec – Former Co-chair of party. A Civil Engineer completeing his Masters Degree in Environmental, Health and Safety Mangement at RIT. Jason has been a community leader improving citizen particapation in local government and
advocating for social equality in the Rochester area.


Melissa Nicholson – an activist on issues of poverty and education.


Erin Caldwell - A graduate of SUNY Geneseo and is currently employed at Erdman, Anthony and Associates, Inc. She specializes in communication and public relations.

Elizabeth Comstock - An MCC student with a strong interest in environmental and local issues.

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