Thursday, December 15, 2005

Statewide Candidates NYS GP SC

The nominations for statewide candidates in 2006 (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, and US Senate) will be done this spring by New York State Green Party (NYSGP) State Committee (SC) members. Since the Green Party's candidate for Governor failed to receive 50,000 votes in the 2002 election the Green Party can not hold a primary to decide who will be on the ballot, Thus, the NYSGPSC will choose all of these candidates.

Greens wishing to be on the SC to have a vote in the selection of candidates have only until December 21, 2005 to collect signatures.

The SC seats are filled by collecting signatures of registered Greens. People have until December 21, 30 days before the next SC meeting on January 21, 2006 in Binghamton to collect signatures. You need 5% of the registered Greens in your assembly district to sign a petition for your. For most districts this is 10-20 signatures. You can get the current list from me or any of the other GPOMC officers.

I urge people to collect signatures to fill these seats. The state
committee will be deciding whom to run for governor and US Senate at the May state committee meeting. Join the state committee and help guide our state party forward at this important time. There are three state committee meetings each year. SC meetings can be held either in Albany, New Paltz or Binghamton. We are getting ready to implement web-based voting so that decisions can be made between face-to-face meetings.

All of the Assembly Districts in Monroe County have at least one opening on the SC, we have been under represented on this body for a long time. The Assembly districts in Monroe County are: (130/139, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135)

Please contact GPNYS co-chair Ian Wilder at> or 631-422-4702 to obtain a petition and signature requirements for your district.

-Jason Nabewaniec


Jason Nabewaniec said...

Sander Hicks ( ) and Independent Publisher, playwright, journalist, songwriter and activist from Brooklyn has started campaigning for the Green Party's nomination in the 2006 Gubernatorial Election.

Also keep an eye out for:

Dr. Alice Green ( ), criminal justice activist from Albany.

Gloria Mattera ( ), co-chair of the Green Party of New York, child life professional in the NYC hospitals, Gloria Lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Jason Nabewaniec said...

Maverick Media Activist is a Hot Contender for the New York Green Party’s Nomination

On Friday, January 13th, at 7 PM, media maverick Sander Hicks will take the stage at Vox Pop, his fair-trade, union-shop, coffeehouse, and announce his run for the Governorship of New York State. A member of the Green Party, and a New Yorker since 1991, Hicks will announce his three-point platform, a vision of “Peace, Truth and Sanity.”