Friday, December 30, 2005

Check Out Potential Voting Machines

In case you didn't know it, we will be getting new voting machines for the November election. The State Board of Elections will choose 3 machines to give the County BOE's to choose from. But YOU can have some say in that.

Monroe County Board of Elections Voting Machine Demonstration
Thur. Jan 5, noon - 6pm
Dome Arena, Minett Hall
2695 East Henrietta Rd

Groups call ahead 428-5884
Preregistration forms available
Free and Open to the Public

Many local groups have come together in the Every Vote Counts Monroe Coalition to insure basic principles are met in choosing our new voting system. We encourage every citizen to become familar with the issues surrounding the choices.

  • Secure- the machines need to be tamper proof

  • Accessible to the disabled- the machines must allow the disabled to use the machines independently

  • Reliable with mature technology- We are not guinea pigs- the machines need to have a proven track record and be free from voter verification problems

  • Transparent and auditable- Each voter needs to be able to verify their vote with a paper record

  • Cost effective

This decision has issues going beyond the ease of use. Below is a link to information before seeing the machines and one to take action after. The Board of Elections will be seeking feedback from the public at this demonstration.

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